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Learn how to fight in 5 minutes

Posted May 25th, 2010 by Pwnage

The science of fighting. Credit: motemosonao

25 Responses to “Learn how to fight in 5 minutes”

  1. riberask8

    its very cool …………whats the name of the song

  2. dragonballmanu

    i just 11 year i cant fight like that

  3. ahedasukks

    Don’t use a high roundhouse unless you are sure it’ll connect!

  4. tommy2934

    do we have to be naked

  5. richwin9

    @boh3nian …..dude….i can try that ,but,can i keep my silver balls?…..maybe use as weapon?

  6. boh3nian

    @richwin9 man, your missing one thing… you need to cut your dick off…

  7. hitter1

    it amazes me how so many ppl seem to think that this is really going to help you to fight! please be joking!!! and if your not your more likely to get beat even worse than usual im afraid, peace!

  8. exsilentio10

    the last clip sucks …the liver its in the other side…yea its a big organ so it can take some damage from the left but its not liver blow its body blow if y hit from the left side

  9. edgar1kukux

    yeah in school some guys were hitting my friend in the face and i was watching the other way not mining my business and then one guy says i want to fight him and then everybody wanted to fight me am kind a strong but their 7 and am one and i think this moves are going to help me and also the one my brother told me and i know a easy way to defeat them there’s one guy that’s the strongest and the lieder am going to have to beat him up so that this will stop no more!

  10. AeroXKitteN

    Wow,this acctually works :) I had a fight a fight with one kid 2 weeks ago when I first saw this video.I used almost all of this moves and he COULDN’T EVEN COME CLOSE TO ME !!!!

  11. jhoward07

    this is like matrix style loading it into my head

  12. shaynamigwans

    I hope this helps me in my fight, first prize is 2 tickets to a UFC show and $500 cash :D

  13. DispairProduction

    Im always barely winning fights at school.. This will help

  14. mermaidize

    @wavular wow, you look like a real tough guy with the guitar. combined with the way you treat people for likeing music that u dont like in a very rude manner.. i would like to punch you

  15. jravindran77

    @terriermaxx – WOW! you MUST be good at science if you know such a complicated formula!!! lol. JK

  16. Djdiva2008

    if you fight like this with a same guy as your age lets say in my situation 15 years old kid i would kill him just with 3-5 hits like this

  17. terriermaxx

    I can fight better thanks to this. im really good a science so now i know power is speed times acceleration

  18. hMIKESCHj

    Wow, I thought, what the hell, fighting in 5 minutes? That has to be bullshit. But as I saw it, I recognized that there are some pretty good techniques!

  19. washlil


  20. GOODIR10

    omg i wanna learn tha

  21. galoblue

    I like the song

  22. urealysuck

    the music is good i converted it to an mp3 file and the video is good too so nerds and stupids can understand

  23. TaimMasheen

    2:20 : “This is SPARTA!”

  24. JebinZedalu

    Different people have different tastes in music. Though repetitive, I do like the music put to this video, but I fully understand if others do not.
    That should not be a difficult concept to grasp, but you somehow managed to miss it.

  25. e3gangstaz

    did u guys watch dis to learn fight moves or to diss the music..seriously if u dnt like it turn the fucking volume dwn wats wrong with u ppl

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